What we do

At Electrogenic we take beautiful, classic cars and convert them to 100% electric.  This takes technology, craftsmanship and a love of beautiful cars.  We create clean, green, classic vehicles with all the benefits of the 21st Century.  And we put a smile on your face that is hard to wipe off.

A Retro-EV is something special.  Everything that is wrong with a classic car, is right with a R-EV….and everything that is right, is right too.  We can convert an old family friend, or we can source your dream car for conversion.  What our customers drive away is a re-born classic with spirit, flair and another 50 years of classic motoring unrolling beneath its wheels.

Why are we different?  Our customers tell us it is because:

To this we would add that we have a strong safety ethos, that we are really focused on delivering a sophisticated product that is a joy to drive, and that we want to have a long relationship with our customers.

So get in touch and take steps towards your very own Electrogenic R-EV:

  • 100% electric
  • 100% beautiful
  • 100% classic – in the way it looks
  • 100% modern – in the way it drives
  • 100% Electrogenic


/e,lektrō jenik/
adjective PASSION
electrifying beauty: bringing technology to passion