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It all started in a Cuban Hurricane…

This believe it or not is actually true.

Co-founder Steve Drummond was working in Cuba as chief engineer building a 60MW biomass power plant. When Hurricane Irma struck the islands, Steve spent the next 48 hours cooped up in his hotel trying to distract himself from not being able to leave the building. A stroke of luck however, he still had enough power and connectivity for a ‘whatsapp’ conversation with pal Ian in the UK, who was trying to persuade him to buy a 1967 WV Samba. After some joking around the classic beauty and inherent fun of the Samba, the guys identified the drastic need to build a bespoke engine to make it remotely usable in today’s modern traffic environment, particularly in the capital with its ever harsh congestion zone. “What if we made it electric?” chuckled Ian,  “What if we make it… a business?” Steve responded.

Electrogenic was born… and so the story begins.


/e,lektrō jenik/
adjective PHYSIOLOGY
producing a change in the electrical potential of a living organism

Electrogenic was born at the meeting of two worlds: classic motoring and clean technology. It is fed by the springs of craftsmanship and sustainability, and a beating pulse of electricity and information technology re-energises the DNA of our Electrogenic classics.

Above all, Electrogenic was conceived from passion: passion for classic motoring beauty and passion from helping to bring about a sustainable future…and a belief in the ability of technology to unite the two.


/e,lektrō jenik/
adjective PASSION
electrifying beauty: bringing technology to passion

You have to embrace the change…

The future is upon us.  The European car industry predicts and is responding to, a 7 year  target for virtually all domestic transport to be electric – and most will inevitably be delivered through subscription to an autonomous – anonymous – vehicle service.  This will be transport, but not motoring; attention-free mundane and passionless.

…so why not embrace it your way!

Electric automotive technology may be exciting, but most of the cars are not.  Unless you buy a supercar, new electric cars are either boring or will date fast.

An Electrogenic car has classic style and endurance that has already conquered the test of time.  It is a unique blend of sophisticated art and advanced technology.  Drive a clean, green car that is pure you.

Bringing technology to your passion

The DNA is classic but the technology is 100% tomorrow.

Electrogenic is genetic engineering for your car, taking all the best bits, liberating it from the constraints of the 18th Century combustion engine and transporting it into the 21st.

Electrogenic creates clean, green classic vehicles giving you all the modern benefits of the 21st Century.

+ 100% electric

+ 100% beautiful

+ 100% classic – in the way it looks

+ 100% modern – in the way it drives

+ 100% Electrogenic