Nicki Shields takes Bertie for a spin for The Sunday Times

There were two stars on parade in Oxfordshire on Tuesday – Nicki Shields and our very own Bertie – as the final stages of storm Ciara chased us through the beautiful canal-side village of Thrupp, just a mile from Electrogenic’s centre of operations in Kidlington. Nicki was the consummate professional, and so nice!  And Bertie shone, as usual…Nicki came to do a test drive for The Sunday Times.  You can read the full article here.  And it was a first for Nicki: the first time she has driven an electric car made in 1963!

The filming was a real challenge, as the arctic winds chased us away from the canal-side and into the warm embrace of Annie’s Tea Room (fantastic afternoon teas, if you are ever passing).  In fact the wind was so strong, at one point it blew producer Sam Padget over… If you watch carefully you can see an uncharacteristic wobble in the filming as a particularly violent gust took hold.  It is a tribute to Sam’s technical mastery that the sound isn’t just one long jet-stream wail!

So thanks to Nicki and Sam for coming to see us in such inclement weather and thanks to Annie for keeping us warm in-between takes.  Come and see us at The London Classic car Show next weekend and if you can’t, come and see us in Kidlington and we can re-create the drive to Annie’s.