Electrogenic April 2020 Newsletter

Dear Retro-EV enthusiasts

Well…..we were just about to send out our first newsletter of 2020, when Covid19 struck, and suddenly it didn’t seem so appropriate any more.  But 3 weeks into lockdown, we think a little dose of normality wouldn’t hurt! So here are our dreams of life-before, and how we all hope life will return to soon.

We started the year with a flourish at the London Classic Car Show.  The show was at Olympia for the first time this year – and what a venue!  The 1886 arched steel and glass roof showed the cars off to perfection.

And what cars!  An incredible range, from the rare and expensive to the very affordable – but all in beautiful show condition.  What were our favourites, I hear you ask?  See the box for our secret desires (this Spring, anyway).

The Electrogenic stand was happily at the bottom of the central staircase, so we had three days of non-stop talking.  We brought our strapline, loud and proud:  Electrogenic: the future of classic cars.  A bold statement to bring to such a core “petrol-head” event?  Possibly, but we had a lot of good discussion with our fellow exhibitors, and we all felt a growing acceptance that the tide is turning…

We also brought the Marmite Bus – a little tongue in cheek for such an august location, and as usual it made a lot of smiles.  And as ever, the best part for us was talking to potential customers.  It’s great to understand what piques people’s interest in a car conversion, what are their questions, hear their stories and dream of the cars we might see in our workshop soon…

Our favourite cars at the London Classic Car Show 2020:

Elaine – the gorgeous, red Austin Healey on Auto Trader’s stand
Ian – lilac Aston Martin DB6 from Tom Hartley (or the 2 Dodge Chargers or the 1973 Datsun 240Z…)
Jack – the Shelby Daytona AC Cobra at Le Mans Coupes
Julio – the 6×6 Land Rover Defender pickup from the Chelsea Truck Company
Steve – a beautiful Karmann Ghia from Type 2 Detectives: it would make a great R-EV!
Tim – jet-black BMW B7 on The Classic Car Company stand
Vic – Beautiful gunmetal grey Porsche 911 Targa on the Horsepower Hangar stand

What’s in the workshop?

This is where we make you do some of the work: figure out what vehicles these photos are from, and earn yourself a pat on the back when we publish the answers in the next newsletter.

Mystery Picture 1

Mystery Picture 2

And welcome to… Tim!

Tim lives just down the canal from us, and even better, he understands everything Professor Steve says, and makes the electronics sit up and beg.  His Mustang isn’t electric yet, but it’s slower than Boss-Steve’s Electrogenic Beetle, so maybe it’s just a matter of time…

And finally…

Don’t be a stranger!  Check us out on social media, chat to Vic on Twitter and let us know what you would like to hear about in the next newsletter.  And when the restrictions lift, come and see us in Kidlington and say hello!

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