Our team

We have an amazing team of specialists, from software, through electrical and mechanical design, to our team of mechanics who can visualise something that has never before been seen under that bonnet (hood!), and then create it.

Electrogenic’s management team are: 

Steve Drummond – Founder and CEO 

Steve is a mechanical engineer who started his career in the nuclear power industry before seeing the light and becoming a renewable energy pioneer.  He has tackled sustainability from every angle and along the way became a partner of PwC and Cantor Fitzgerald.  He was a leader in the global business response to climate change following the signature of the Kyoto Protocol in 1997 and continues to be involved in a range of sustainability initiatives.

Steve’s contribution to Electrogenic is best defined in this quote from Steve Jobs:

“You have to start with the customer experience and work backwards towards the technology.” 

Francis Prime – NED, Technology 

Francis has been at the cutting edge of EV technology for almost longer than the industry has existed. He was Electrical Systems Chief Engineer at Arrival and now leads a portfolio of exciting new technology ventures in the EV space.

At Electrogenic, Francis helps ensure we have the best tech! 

Andy Camoenié – CFO 

Andy is a career FD, including Bicester Heritage and Silverstone Circuits, and he has worked on various automotive projects involving Brooklands, Goodwood and Brands Hatch. Internationally, he has been involved with Le Mans, F1 and various major car manufacturers.

Andy ensures that Electrogenic is sustainable! 

Vic Crofts – Head of Brand 

Vic is a career marketing professional with a particular expertise in digital marketing. She has worked for a range of businesses, always curating their brand, image and messaging, and connecting them with new customers. Vic is also a professional photographer.

Everything you know about Electrogenic?  You heard it first from Vic! 

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