Electrogenic works with a small number of carefully selected partners to help provide an end to end service to our customers.

Joju Solar

Once you’ve had your classic car converted to electric, you’ll need a charge point at home to keep your batteries topped up and give you the range you need.

We’ve partnered with Joju Solar, one of the UK’s leading installers of electric vehicle charging infrastructure.  They were the first EV charge point installers in the UK to sign up for the Electric Vehicle Consumer Code – a consumer protection programme that ensures you receive the highest standards of installation and service.

Steve has worked with Joju for years through his work with the Low Carbon Hub, where Joju has for years been a preferred supplier because of their professionalism, knowledge and community focus.  So when Steve started Electrogenic, who better to partner with to help our customers integrate their homes with their new Electrogenic Retro-Electric Vehicle (R-EV), than Joju?

Joju Solar are not tied to any one product and have a range of EV charge points to match to your needs.  They can be:

  • Wall or post mounted
  • Fast charging (7kW singe phase, 22kW 3-phase) as standard
  • Smart-charging enabled (necessary for OLEV grants)
  • Optional RFID access for added security
  • Assistance with OLEV grant paperwork

Joju Solar are also installers of the Zappi EV charger – a charge point that captures excess electricity generation from a solar roof, and diverts it directly into your car.  If you’re not at home during the day, you can still use solar power to run your car by capturing energy in an intermediary battery such as the Tesla Powerwall.  You really can run your car on sunshine.

To choose your charge point and book your installation, simply click here.