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  • Electrogenic June 2020 Newsletter

    Dear R-EV enthusiasts It's summer, lockdown is progressively lifting, the garage is picking up more pace and it's time to ask "what has Covid 19 done for us?".  It has given our R&D time to flower, as discussed in the May Newsletter and it has prompted us to invest more in our premises, but there must [...] More  →
  • Build Back Better

    The Government is looking for ideas of how to Build Back Better and as ever, Electrogenic has lots of ideas. At Electrogenic, our environmental mission is key to what we do, but we are also firmly rooted in our local community.  And our community is not only local green energy and similar initiatives, we are [...] More  →
  • Electrogenic R-EV Control system

    Safety: electronic vehicle management

    One of the core values for Electrogenic is we build in safety from the ground up.  This is reflected in all our vehicle design.  At the core of an Electrogenic R-EV are the motor, battery and charger systems, and at the core of these is “safety first”. One aspect of R-EV conversions is that the [...] More  →
  • Electrogenic May 2020 Newsletter

    Dear R-EV enthusiasts We’re back!  We are happy to tell you that following the new government guidelines, the newly socially-distanced workshop has re-opened and things feel a little more normal.  So what have we been doing other than home-stay Easter holidays?  A little Spring-cleaning and a LOT of R&D… Prof Steve's workbench During the lockdown, Steve H has [...] More  →
  • Ian introduces Electrogenic two years ago

    Retro-Electric Video

    We were Spring-cleaning at Electrogenic and we found this video from way back... two years ago when we were in Ashford and we still had a few things to learn...  So enjoy this for it's vintage start quality.  And don't believe the stats! More  →
  • Electrogenic red Porsche header

    Electrogenic April 2020 Newsletter

    Dear Retro-EV enthusiasts Well…..we were just about to send out our first newsletter of 2020, when Covid19 struck, and suddenly it didn’t seem so appropriate any more.  But 3 weeks into lockdown, we think a little dose of normality wouldn’t hurt! So here are our dreams of life-before, and how we all hope life will return [...] More  →
  • Electrogenic electric car battery

    The Daily Express likes “recycled” cars!

    It was kind of Luke Chillingsworth of the Daily Express to interview us at the London Classic Car Show: you can see his full article here. Luke was really taken by the minimal environmental footprint of an electric car conversion, and pretty happy about the price too.  And as he points out, converting your classic …

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  • Electrogenic electric VW Beetle headline

    City A.M. Beetle Test Drive

    We made the front page of City AM! We really enjoyed the visit from TimPitt of City A.M.  We were a bit nervous, as Tim is a serious motoring journalist...and he loved Bertie!  He put the pedal to the floor as soon as we were out of Kidlington, we sailed bast Blenheim Palace, and never [...] More  →
  • Electrogenic electric VW Beetle drive with Nicki Shields

    Nicki Shields takes Bertie for a spin for The Sunday Times

    There were two stars on parade in Oxfordshire on Tuesday - Nicki Shields and our very own Bertie - as the final stages of storm Ciara chased us through the beautiful canal-side village of Thrupp, just a mile from Electrogenic's centre of operations in Kidlington. Nicki was the consummate professional, and so nice!  And Bertie [...] More  →
  • Electrogenic electric classic car advert

    Electrogenic to exhibit at Olympia in February – see you there!

    Following Electrogenic’s successful outing at the NEC, we will be exhibiting at The London Classic Car Show from 20-23 February – so come and see us at the back of the Grand Hall, happily sandwiched between the Porsche Club GB, and Aston Marin Engineering. I’m tempted to tell you which cars we will be exhibiting, …

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  • Taking Carbon out of transport

    In committing to a legally binding obligation to net zero emissions by 2050, the UK continues to be a world-leader on climate change.  What does this mean for emissions from the transport sector? Aviation emissions are hard to reduce and the Climate Change Committee is still forecasting air transport emissions in 2050 (see below).  But [...] More  →
  • Electric cars and climate change

    Electrogenic is inspired by design and classic beauty, but one of its core motivators is the sheer waste in creating an electric fleet (good), while junking lots of vehicles that are on the road already (not good). Recycling is an age-old concept and up-cycling is a modern take on it - the concept of taking [...] More  →
  • We’re moving!

    Much as we love Ashford, we have decided to take the plunge and move to the heart of UK vehicle innovation in Oxfordshire.  We have secured fantastic new premises in Kidlington.  So goodbye to all this…. and hello to…. watch this space!

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  • Come and see us at the Oxford EV Show

    Electrogenic is delighted to have been invited to shout loudly and show off in the heard of historic Oxford at the Oxford EV Show - part of Oxfordshire’s initiative to lead the way into EVs in the UK. So come and see us in Broad Street on 15th June and get a feel for some [...] More  →
  • Electrogenic Joins Oxfordshire Greentech

    Electrogenic is proud to be a founder member of Oxfordshire Greentech (  Oxfordshire is the heart of the UK’s green technology innovation, and Oxfordshire Greentech has been formed to help us all connect with each other more effectively.  And we are very excited about the technology partners we are discovering all around our new home.

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