‘Bertie’ The Beetle

Bertie, the electric Beetle was born in 1963 and spent his life near Hull, before becoming a TV star as a supporting cast member in “The Royal”, a series filmed in Scarborough from 2005 to 2008.  Steve bought him and drove him home in a rainstorm… the growing puddles in the footwells giving the first indications that Bertie was going to need a lot of TLC.  So we removed 50 years of paint and filler to discover that Bertie, sadly,  was more of a tea-bag than a car.

Electrogenic has carried out a full “bare-metal” restoration of Bertie, who has become our Stage 2 test-bed for new technologies that we will fit in our customer cars.  Bertie first ran under his own electric power in November 2018.  He is currently being repainted so that he looks like he did, the day he rolled off the production line in 1963… only better.

Before we got our hands on him

MAKE: Volkswagen
MODEL: Beetle
YEAR: 1963
COLOUR: Anthracite Grey
ENGINE: 1192cc
POWER: 27 Kw
TORQUE: 88Nm @ 2,400rpm
0-60: 28 glorious seconds
TOP SPEED: 65mph (with a good tail wind)
FUEL: Petrol Cost Per Mile 23p / Per Month £135
CO2: 0.42kg per mile / 2.99 tonnes per annum*

After electrification

POWER: 80 Kw
TORQUE: 235Nm @ 0rpm
0-60: 9 seconds (yes seriously)
TOP SPEED: 100mph
FUEL: Green Energy Cost Per Mile 3.6p / Per Month £21
CO2: 0kg per mile / 0 tonnes per annum*

*for UK average annual milage of 7,134 miles