Rolls Royce Silver Shadow

The Silver Shadow started as an idea of one of our investors, and then we went to have a look at a few… we fell in love.  They are so beautiful and have such presence and elegance but and nobody drives them any more – which is not surprising when you look at the stats – 11mpg if you’re lucky.Our aim is to do a very minimal upgrade, make her 100% electric, and in the process create the quietest Rolls Royce in the UK. Watch this space!

Before we got our hands on it

MAKE: Rolls Royce
MODEL: Silver Shadow
YEAR: 1971
ENGINE: 6745cc
POWER: 141 Kw
TORQUE: 338Nm @ 2,400rpm
0-60: 11 elegant seconds
TOP SPEED: 115mph
FUEL: Petrol Cost Per Mile 52p / Per Month £306
CO2: 0.95kg per mile / 6.8 tonnes per annum*

After electrification

POWER: 160 Kw
TORQUE: 470Nm @ 0rpm
0-60: TBC seconds
TOP SPEED: 100mph – could be faster… but really?
FUEL: Green Energy Cost Per Mile 4p / Per Month £24
CO2: 0kg per mile / 0 tonnes per annum*

*for UK average annual milage of 7,134 miles