Our services

Sourcing + Restoration

+ Sourcing:  Electrogenic is steeped in classic car knowledge, acquired through long experience.  We can upgrade and convert your car or we can source you a car to your specification. We have extensive networks for locating suitable vehicles and a practiced eye for selection the right candidate for conversion at the right price.

+ Restoration:  Electrogenic has all the necessary in-house skill, experience and equipment to completely restore your classic from the ground up, including the ability to fabricate new body parts from scratch. We know where to find the right components, down to elements like period tyres and we have special relationships with master craftsmen for vehicle interiors and roofs.

Upgrades + Customisation

+ Upgrades: Typically, conversion of older will result in a big increase in power.  This is a big bonus, as it enables makes the car fun (instead of scary) to drive in modern traffic.  Bertie for example, our 1963 film-star Beetle, increased its power from a paltry 27kW to a whopping 80kW (36hp to 107hp).  Bertie now nips about and can do 0-60 in under 7 seconds (if you dare!).  Upgrading performance can mean upgrading the drivetrain, and sometimes the brakes, to manage the extra power.  This is model-specific.  Bertie for example has all the original running gear and the electronic engine braking ensures he stops on a sixpence. But if you want, it can be disc brakes all round, with power steering and uprated suspension – it depends how much you want to explore the new possibilities created by your new motor.

+ Customisation: This is where the fun starts – creating a vehicle that is unique to you.  This might mean bodywork, paintwork, LED lights, interior mood lights and more.  How we relay information through the instrumentation; touch screen technology that can give you all the vital stats of the car plus control the audio, sat nav and more. Still not enough, you can design the interior upholstery and carpets, luggage and dash board… there are no limits.


Conversion is different for every make and model of classic car as they are all unique and every platform differs. We have worked hard on refining our technology to be as seamless as possible when it comes to installation. But we never cut the car for a conversion.  This keeps the concept pure (we love the cars!), and it incidentally facilitates easy retro fitting of the combustion engine at a later date if required… but why would you?

All stages of conversion are carefully planned in advance, accommodating for the quirks of each model. If restoration is required, this is undertaken first, however many may want to retain the patina of the classic built up over decades. In this case the conversion candidate will be given a full ‘health check’ to ensure it is safe to convert. We can’t convert a car with dodgy brakes!  Once we are happy a vehicle is in perfect mechanical condition, we convert it to 100% electric.

All that remains is the irrepressible grin that will form on your face as you drive your new Electrogenic R-EV out of our workshop…

Electrogenic App®

The Electrogenic App is a passion for us, and a core part of our future.  The idea is to add a range of ways for you to interacting with your car…improving your driving experience. We are developing an App for your phone or tablet that can also be used safely while driving, giving you key metrics on your car such as range, voltage, nearest charging points and more.  This means you get all the modern features that come with an electric car, but you don’t have to modify your beautiful period dashboard.

It’s working on Steve’s phone now, and is next on our R&D list for hiking to be customer-ready.  Keep following us for more developments on our as yet unamed App (ideas on a postcard please), which we are hoping to launch this summer.