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Electrogenic Owners Club

We like to keep close to our customers, so we have conceived the Electrogenic Owners’ Club.  This is open to all Electrogenic Owners!

For an annual fixed fee, members get:
+ 24-hour helpline
+ a free annual check
+ discounted labour rates for maintenance
+ discounted insurance
+ the ability to request a home service
+ premium upgrade functionality for vehicle software
+ premium upgrade functionality for the Electrogenic App®
+ classic car-related offers
+ meet-ups at suitable events
+ exclusive branded products
+ a members area on the website
And the first year is free.

If you wish to continue after the first year or you are not the first owner you can still join the Electrogenic Owers Club for an annual fee.

If you’d like to find out more about membership, please get in touch Here.