Land Rover Defender HV kits

electric Land Rover wading in deep mud

Electric Conversion Kit Specification

Torque900Nm at transfer box900Nm at transfer box900Nm at transfer box
Top Speed85mph+85mph+85mph+
0-60 mphcirca 8 secondscirca 8 secondscirca 8 seconds
Range120+ miles130+ miles150+ miles
Charging6.6kW + CCS6.6kW + CCS6.6kW + CCS
LR models90, 110, 127, 13090, 110, 127, 130110, 127, 130

The Electrogenic Land Rover Defender kits deliver exciting performance and real off-road capability.  All the kits drive like an “automatic”, but retain the transfer box so you still have full four-wheel drive, high and low ratios, and the transfer box diff-lock.  This combines exceptional drivability with great off-road performance – you can’t stall an electric motor and the ready torque will get you up anything. 

The battery boxes are dense and carefully designed so the cabin space is untouched.  All kits have CCS charging and a fast cabin heater.  The control system supports different drive modes (e.g. sport, eco and town) and regen-delivered “engine braking” for controlled offroad hill descents. 

An electric Land Rover Defender, powered by Electrogenic, is a joy off-road and a rugged but clean urban citizen.

Electrogenic electric Land Rover kit installed

Kit Details

E62 Defender

  • 62kWh battery pack giving real-world range of 120 miles
  • 120kW motor delivering 900Nm to the transfer box

The E62 Defender is the eco conversion, small but beautifully formed.

E70 Defender

  • 70kWh battery pack giving real-world range of 130 miles
  • 150kW motor delivering 900Nm to the transfer box

The E70 Defender is the sports model – particularly fun in a Defender 90. It has a slightly larger battery pack to back up a heavy foot and a more powerful motor to sustain firm acceleration over 55mph.

E93 Defender

  • 93kWh battery pack giving real-world range of 150 miles
  • 150kW motor delivering 900Nm to the transfer box

A bigger battery pack for more range and the higher power motor to match.  The larger battery pack fits a Defender 110 and the 127/130 variants.

How to install our kits

Electrogenic conversion kits are designed to be fitted by a trained specialist with as little fuss as possible.  We supply them to partner businesses around the world and our network is growing fast. A limited number of kits will be installed at our workshop in Kidlington. If you are interested in having one of our kits fitted to your vehicle or if you are interested in fitting them, please contact us.

Electrogenic electric Land Rover and beautiful cold sunrise
Electrogenic electric Land Rover offroad

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