Classic Mini Conversion Kit – self install

Electric Mini Conversion Kit Specification

 Kit: £16,600 + VAT
Battery expansion: £7,500 + VAT
Torque135Nm at motor, 850 or 1,000 Nm at the wheels
Fixed ratio6.36:1 8.98:1
0-60mph8.5 seconds6 seconds
Top Speed95mph 70mph
Charging6.6kW Type 2
Battery20kWh +20kWh expansion pack
Rangeup to 80 miles 150 miles
Depending on ambient temperature and driving cycle

This revolutionary classic Mini conversion kit will be launching in March 2024 and is expected to retail at £16,600 + VAT and shipping. The whole kit comes pre-mounted on a Mini front subframe – simply bolt in, add a potentiometer throttle pedal and wire up the dashboard. The drivetrain is fully bench tested before it leaves the factory and the Type 2 charge socket is mounted on the front subframe too so the installer does not have to do any HV wiring. We will be selling a range of stylish grilles to accommodate the charge point.

The basic kit is designed to be suitable for installation by the Mini’s owner, rather than one of our installation partners.  The installer will still need the necessary equipment and IMI EV Level 2 training or equivalent.  The battery extension pack needs to be fitted by one of our partner-installers

Batteries and range

The basic kit comes with 20kWh of the batteries integrally mounted above the motor. This will give about 80 miles usable range – perfect for short commutes and around town. There is an optional extension pack of another 20kW that can be mounted in the boot – it takes about half of the boot-space and takes the range up to about 150 miles real-world driving.

Charging and drive modes

The Type 2 socket feeds a 6.6kWh fast charger.

The kit comes as standard with normal, eco and town driving profiles, with regen on braking and lifting off the throttle.

Optional extras

  • Electronic throttle
  • Range of front grilles designed to accommodate the charge socket
  • Heater

How to install our kits

Electrogenic electric conversion kits are designed to be fitted by a trained specialist with as little fuss as possible.  We supply them to partner businesses around the world and our network is growing fast. A limited number of kits will be installed at our workshop in Kidlington. If you are interested in having one of our kits fitted to your vehicle or if you are interested in fitting them, please contact us.

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