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Welcome to our Christmas newsletter! And welcome to our new subscribers – we’re delighted that so many of you want to know more about our conversions and our technology. If you follow our socials or spotted us in the media you will know we have been very busy building beautiful bespoke conversions for individual customers, developing our drop-in conversion kits and a few secret projects that we can only hint at for now…  We plan to keep you regularly updated in 2023 and here’s a little bit about what we have been up to in 2022.

Electrogenic Technology

Electrogenic electric Mini under the bonnet

This year has all been about our tech and our Powered By Electrogenic brand. We expanded our R&D facility and our 400V technology moved from R&D into full production – and it’s proving to be really exciting! Our bespoke reduction gearboxes have also hit the road, and we have radically developed our battery box manufacturing techniques.  

The 400V technology means that we have the perfect solution for customers who want an “automatic” drive, or CCS “rapid” charging. It also means we can get more power into the drivetrain, making a truly magnificent Porsche 911 conversion for example, or enabling a Land Rover Defender to continue accelerating through 60mph and cruise at motorway speeds.

Bespoke reduction boxes mean we can choose gear ratios to get the perfect balance between wheel torque and top speed for a given vehicle. Sophisticated battery box construction techniques mean we can get lots of batteries into tight spaces: 93kWh inside a Land Rover Defender chassis for example.  All of this means even more classic EV dreams can come true.  When you wish upon a star…

We plan to update our technology pages early in the new year, so keep an eye out. If you have any tech questions let us know

Electrogenic electric Land Rover conversion kits

Drop-In Conversion Kits

The other big technical leap we have made in 2022 is to package our tech into sophisticated drop-in, plug and play kits. The kits are being supplied to partner installers globally for installation in their customers vehicles, and have sparked world-wide interest.  

The first kits we have launched are for Land Rover Defenders, Porsche 911s and Jaguar E-Types, and there are several different kits available for each marque. Full details are on our KITS page
We announced our first USA partner in November: Xerbera, based in Dallas, Texas. They will be converting all vehicle types that we supply kits for. More partners will be announced very soon.

We will also be expanding our range of kits so let us know if there are any kits you would like us to add in 2023

Electrogenic electric Porsche 356 at the Concours of Elegance at Hampton Court

Car Shows

Shows are one of my favourite things to do, because of the conversations with so many interested people. Show highlights of 2022 included:

  • The Low Carbon Agricultural Show, where we showcased our Land Rover Defender “agricultural” conversion kit, and discovered the high level of interest in our kits
  • Our first time at the Goodwood Members’ Meeting where we took a sneak preview of our kit for Series II and III Land Rovers
  • The amazing and beautiful Concours of Elegance at Hampton Court, with cars that simply blew our minds
  • And of course our regular appearances outside our Bicester Heritage unit during their regular Scrambles. If you haven’t been to one yet you’re missing out! The next one is January 8th and we’ll be there. Tickets are available here
Electrogenic electric Citroen DS Top Gear review

Electrogenic In The Press

Frustratingly, the publicity around a number of our interesting conversions of 2022 was embargoed for one reason or another, but watch this space….

The press have said some very nice things about us nonetheless, and we had fun with BBC TV and radio, Times Radio and Channel 5, GQ, Magneto, Autocar, Top Gear, Porsche Post, Mog Mag and many more.  Click below for some of the press we particularly loved –

The electric Citroen DS in Top Gear
Rory Reid’s drive of the electric Porsche 356 for Auto Trader
The perfect city car…the electric Mini in London for Hagerty

Happy New Year!

So Happy Christmas, Happy Holidays, feliz Navidad, joyeux Noel, щасливого Різдва, 圣诞快乐, ハッピークリスマス. Thanks for following along and special thank you to Small Car Big City for the festive mini photo – if you want to see the lights in London over the holidays have a look at their Christmas lights tour.

We look forward to reaching you in 2023.
Have a great new year.  All the best, Steve and the Electrogenic team.

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