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Electrogenic dumps the 1980s icon’s wheezy V6 for a rapid-charging battery and a punchy EV motor

Original article published June 2024

DeLorean DMC-12 goes electric with 215bhp and 150-mile range

Electrogenic has revealed a ‘plug-and-play’ conversion package for the DeLorean DMC-12, swapping the 1980s film star’s much-maligned V6 for a quicker and quieter EV set-up.

The Oxfordshire firm, which has previously produced electric conversions of the Citroën DS, Land Rover Defender and Jaguar E-Type, now offers a ‘drop-in’ EV conversion kit for the DMC-12.

It’s fully reversible and is said to turn the coupé into a “true sports car” with more power and far punchier performance figures.

The powertrain has been engineered to preserve the car’s original structure, with the “OEM-grade” 43kWh battery fitted in place of the rear-mounted fuel tank and the electric motor integrated into the rear axle.

The motor sends 215bhp and 229lb ft through a fixed-ratio gearbox, resulting in a 0-62mph time twice as quick as the original car’s, at 5.0sec.

The conversion can be fitted to original DMC-12s – with a manual or automatic gearbox – and adds just 40kg to the weight of the donor car.

Electrogenic electric DeLorean dashboard

Electrogenic CEO Steve Drummond said: “With its sci-fi design – still jaw-dropping over 40 years on – and underwhelming engine, [the DMC-12] really is the perfect candidate for conversion to electric drive.

“We’re now delighted to reveal our plug-and-play conversion package to the world. Developed entirely in-house using our proprietary technology, it gives the DMC-12 the sporting performance its futuristic shape always deserved.”

The battery gives the DMC-12 an 150-mile range and is chargable via regenerative brakes that adjust according to either of the two driving modes: Eco and Sport, the latter of which sharpens up throttle response and adds weight to the steering.

The battery can be fully charged on a CCS rapid charger in “under an hour”, although Electrogenic hasn’t quoted a maximum charging speed.

Drummond said the project “generates interest and excitement like nothing else” and he’d been “blown away” by the response that Electrogenic had received from the public.

Customers can specify their DMC-12 electromod with modern features including Apple CarPlay, an uprated air conditioning system and a bespoke virtual dashboard with displays for the driving modes, battery usage and charge status.

While prices depend on the condition of the donor car and rates set by Electrogenic’s partners who install the equipment.

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