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  • front brakes on an electric mini


    So it's easy: just pull out the engine and the fuel tank, pop in an electric motor and some batteries, and hey presto - a retro EV!  Ah yes... but what about braking? From a sustainable engineering perspective, one of the satisfying aspects of an EV is regenerative braking ("regen").  An internal combustion engine (ICE) [...] More
  • Electric Land Rover being built for Glastonbury Festivals

    Electrogenic wins Innovate UK award!

    Electrogenic wins Innovate UK award to develop 100% electric Land Rovers with Worthy Farm and Cardiff University Electrogenic is delighted to announce that we have won an Innovate UK Sustainable Innovation Fund award, to develop low-cost technology to convert Land Rovers to all-electric.  We are partnering with Worthy Farm (host to the Glastonbury Festival) and [...] More
  • Electrogenic October 2020 Newsletter

    Dear R-EV enthusiasts You say you want environment and you want cars, so this month's newsletter is a bonus:  two lead articles, and both of them are about cars and the environment.  We are proud sponsors of The Village Refill, who are local and who entrusted us with the re-powering of their 10-year old Mega electric [...] More
  • Classic Minis on Abby Road in London

    Electrogenic September 2020 Newsletter

    Dear R-EV enthusiasts We finally escaped the workshop!  We all went to a real, live car show.  I know!!!  People and cars and good conversations and a semblance of normality!  So hats off to Brand Events for making The Classic Car Drive In Weekend happen, and roll on next year. Our other big excitement of the [...] More
  • Charging times

    Charging is one of Electrogenic’s specialisms, and we sell our charge systems to other conversion companies because the commercially available ones are not as good.  It’s a complex area though and one we are frequently asked about.  This article looks at what is going on in the battery when you charge it, and what that [...] More
  • Morris Minor Electrogenic banner

    Electrogenic August 2020 Newsletter

    Dear R-EV enthusiasts Like many of our readers, at Electrogenic we have spent August dodging storms and quarantines, and confirming once again that the place we like to be best is in the workshop!  We have also been listening to reader feedback, and lots of you want to hear more about some of the cars [...] More
  • Electrogenic July 2020 Newsletter

    Dear R-EV enthusiasts At Electrogenic we are always saying things like “we are in another golden age of motoring” and (being Oxford-based) “it’s like it must have been 100 years ago for William Morris”.  But what was it like before William Morris switched production from bicycles to cars in 1912?  It turns out it was [...] More
  • Netgain Hyper9 installed in VW Beetle

    Choosing a motor

    Choosing a motor is the heart of a conversion, and it has far-reaching consequences, but the first thing to say is that you can’t choose a motor in isolation from the rest of the system design.  The amount of power delivered by the motor depends not only on the motor but also the battery and [...] More
  • Electrogenic June 2020 Newsletter

    Dear R-EV enthusiasts It's summer, lockdown is progressively lifting, the garage is picking up more pace and it's time to ask "what has Covid 19 done for us?".  It has given our R&D time to flower, as discussed in the May Newsletter and it has prompted us to invest more in our premises, but there must [...] More
  • Electrogenic R-EV Control system

    Safety: electronic vehicle management

    One of the core values for Electrogenic is we build in safety from the ground up.  This is reflected in all our vehicle design.  At the core of an Electrogenic R-EV are the motor, battery and charger systems, and at the core of these is “safety first”. One aspect of R-EV conversions is that the [...] More
  • Electrogenic May 2020 Newsletter

    Dear R-EV enthusiasts We’re back!  We are happy to tell you that following the new government guidelines, the newly socially-distanced workshop has re-opened and things feel a little more normal.  So what have we been doing other than home-stay Easter holidays?  A little Spring-cleaning and a LOT of R&D… Prof Steve's workbench During the lockdown, Steve H has [...] More