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The Management

The management team reflects the founding ethos of Electrogenic: passion, craftsmanship, technology and sustainability.

Steve Drummond, Founder – vision and environment

Steve is a mechanical engineer who started his career in the nuclear power industry before seeing the light and becoming a renewable energy pioneer.  He has tackled sustainability from every angle and along the way became a partner of PwC and Cantor Fitzgerald.  He was a leader in the global business response to climate change following the signature of the Kyoto Protocol in 1997 and continues to be involved in a range of sustainability initiatives.

Steve gets all fired up by the beauty in technology, and having spent his 40s tackling climate change from the top down, has concluded that he can now have far more impact tackling it from the bottom up.  Electrogenic is Steve’s next, hands-on step towards a greener future for motoring and the global population.

Steve’s contribution to Electrogenic is best defined in this quote from Steve Jobs:

“You have to start with the customer experience and work backwards towards the technology.”

Ian Newstead, Founder – vision, cars and craftsmanship

Ian started out as an RAF radar technician and following his discharge became an apprentice motor mechanic with motor racing team, Norman Abbot Engineering, racing cars all over the UK. In 1995 Ian opened his first garage, specialising in restoring VWs and other air-cooled cars such as Beetles, Type 2s, Type 3s, Type 34s, Karmann Ghias and old Porsches. Over the years, there are few classics that have not been through his careful, attentive hands. This passion for cars is the catalyst that originally brought Steve and Ian together.

What gets Ian’s oil pumping is finding a new classic to lovingly restore and the craftsmanship that ultimately brings it back to life.

There is no problem he can’t solve and he is at the steering wheel of Electrogenic from day to day.

Andy Camoenié – CFO

Andy has over twenty years’ experience as a director, adviser and investor. He brings a wealth of international experience from a variety of sectors closely related to the automotive and sustainable industries.
Andy has been Finance Director of Bicester Heritage and Silverstone Circuits, and during his time in the UK events and construction he has worked on various automotive projects involving Brooklands, Goodwood and Brands Hatch. Internationally, he has been involved with Le Mans, F1 and various major car manufacturers.
Andy trained as an accountant and holds an MBA from Warwick. He relishes being at the forefront of innovation whilst at the same time preserving the heritage of the industry.

Steve Heath – CTO

Steve spent over 20 years in application engineering and marketing for Motorola Semiconductors. During this time he has written  26 books on microprocessors, operating systems and embedded systems. He reignited his love of TVR sports cars in 1995 and wrote the workshop manuals for the most popular of their cars. As part of this research he ended up racing and sprinting a Wedge TVR and even competing in a Rolls Royce at Brands Hatch. No stranger to engine transplants, he undertook to build an electric car for a Budget of £750 as a bet and in 2018, Electrikitty was born.

For Electrikitty, which is based on a 1976 Reliant Kitten, Steve developed his own motor controllers, CAN bus wiring loom, LCD displays and it has more gee whizz than a car of today. It does about 3-5000 miles a year as Steve’s runabout and test bed. It even has a Milton Keynes green parking permit!

Steve has agreed to bring his knowledge and experience (and this electric car PhD!) into the Electrogenic project to complement our mechanical expertise.


/e,lektrō jenik/
adjective PASSION
electrifying beauty: bringing technology to passion