With a founder with twenty years in energy and climate change, it was inevitable the environment was at the top of our agenda.

Making a new EV consumes significant volumes of this planets’ natural resources, whether that is metals, minerals or animal products. Electrogenic contributes to the environment by ensuring that historic internal combustion engine cars are ‘re-purposed’ and ‘up-cycled’ by avoiding the manufacture of a new EV. These classic cars’ environmental foot print has been paid for five times over, given the average life span of a modern car is 10 years. Their ongoing impact on the environment is essentially zero.

In addition, however, we manage our workshop practices and source our components with the environment at the centre of our methodology.  Our motors, for example, use new permanent magnets that are manufactured without the use of rare earth elements….but still gain big efficiency advantages.

This approach will continue to underpin our ethos, as we strive for a greener planet.

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