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Why R-EV?

Our cars evoke passion, they are part of our lives. If they don’t evolve, however, they will go the same way as the dinosaurs.  The future is electric and it’s coming sooner than you think.

With a retro-electric vehicle (R-EV), you don’t step into another mass-produced vehicle designed by computer and approved by committee, you choose to climb into a unique, hand-designed classic: a 1970s Porsche Targa, 1960s VW Beetle or any one of the many beautiful, cherished classic cars that languish loved but un-seen in garages. Nothing has the same seductive sway as a classic vehicle’s design and nothing says great design like the classics of the last century.

An Electrogenic R-EV gives you both… a classic car with 21st Century drive

An evolution of your classic car’s DNA:  no longer the oily, smelly temperamental unreliable vehicle. An Electrogenic car drives like a modern car but feels classic. Suddenly you can and will be using your classic vehicle every day. Gone is the fragile ageing motor, requiring hard to come by parts and hours of maintenance.  Instead is a smooth, quiet, powerful electric motor that works every time. Subtle touches like modern lighting, brakes and audio bring it into the 21st century, all beautifully integrated to retain the retro feel you love. 

All with the peace of mind that comes with the highest quality parts, latest technology and decades of expertise, workmanship and knowledge to deliver the ultimate in ‘Retro Electric Vehicle’.

Try the smile test.  Stepping into a classic car makes you smile – every time.  With an Electrogenic R-EV, you will smile every day.

Electrogenic: the future of classics cars

Our Ethos.

Electrogenic was founded on a vision of bringing 20th Century classics firmly into the 21st Century and making sure that for every vehicle we start two new important relationships:
+ a new (or re-kindled!) and enduring love affair between our customers and their cars
+ an enduring relationship between our customers and Electrogenic.

For us, this means:
+ Safety: safety through design is at the heart of everything we do.  This impacts dozens of details and design choices when we convert each vehicle into a R-EV.  If you want to know how this is demonstrated through our work, please drop in for a chat.
+ Environmental custodianship:  electric power is less environmentally damaging than the internal combustion engine.  But for us it goes deeper than that and it informs the way we work and our design choices.  Our motors, for example, avoid the use of rare earth elements in their magnets.  Our charge-station partner, Joju, can integrate your charger into your rooftop solar panels.  And so on.
+ Cutting-edge technology: the classic cars are romantic, but at heart we are a technology company.  The technology we apply is changing fast, and we keep ourselves at the forefront.  For our customers, this means choice when we convert their vehicles, but also ongoing access to upgrades – upgrades to the control protocols, updates to the Electrogenic App, battery upgrades, etc.
+ Service:  driving away in your beautiful, new Electrogenic R-EV is not the end of the story.  Aside from brakes and running gear, your Electrogenic classic is virtually maintenance free, but we prefer to keep in touch to make sure our customers get the very best from their motoring experience.


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