Electrogenic May 2020 Newsletter

Dear R-EV enthusiasts

We’re back!  We are happy to tell you that following the new government guidelines, the newly socially-distanced workshop has re-opened and things feel a little more normal.  So what have we been doing other than home-stay Easter holidays?  A little Spring-cleaning and a LOT of R&D…

Prof Steve’s workbench

During the lockdown, Steve H has been faking it…

More specifically, Steve built a fake EVSE charge point and a series of fake Tesla batteries, to test our new integrated charging/battery management/motor controller and cell monitoring system.  The system has passed with flying colours and will be installed in all our vehicles from next month.

The basic idea of the system is twofold:

    1. so we have a common system architecture that will suit a range of motor controllers and battery systems, and
    2. to make sure that all the electric drive systems operate in their “sweet spot” at all times (charging and driving).

It also enables everything to connect with our remote diagnostic system, which helps us to help you.

Each element of the system cross-checks with all the other elements about 50 times a second.  If anything gets out of balance then it takes corrective action, notifies the driver if necessary, and if absolutely necessary pulls the emergency cord.  So for example we can reduce currents if battery voltages are going up, or if the batteries are getting low, tell the driver and switch into “get me home” mode.

Why did we develop it?  Because off-the-shelf systems don’t have the subtlety, and it gives us a platform to be able to better respond to customer requests.  Want to switch the kettle on when you’re 5 minutes from home…?

What’s in the workshop?

This is where we make you do some of the work: figure out what vehicles these photos are from, and earn yourself a pat on the back when we publish the answers in the next newsletter.

Mystery Picture 3
Mystery Picture 4

Answers from April:    Mystery Picture 1 – “Angel Eye” Mini headlight
Mystery Picture 2 – Land Rover Defender gearbox flange

Welcome to Laura!

Some of you have spotted that while we are capable of building fabulous vehicles, our back-office has been a little haphazard at times.  So welcome to Laura, who has a degree in car design and is reaching parts that the rest of us can’t reach.  She has already revolutionised our component sourcing and is starting to make the rest of the business hum like one of our Hyper 9s.  Here is Laura with one of her minis…

And finally…

We now have a YouTube channel.  There is not much there at the moment, but we are developing a playlist called “Dream cars for electric conversion”.  Check it out and add some suggestions. 

We are also in the press.  WhichEV just published a nice piece about R-EVs, featuring us.  You can check it out here.

You have heard what Prof Steve has been doing during lockdown.  But what of the other Steve, I hear you ask?  For those of you on Facebook, you can check it out here.  For the rest of you, check out YouTube.

And last but absolutely most importantly, we have sorted the social distancing, so you CAN come and see us now.  So please give us a call to make an appointment and see you soon! 

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