Safety is at the core of everything that Electrogenic does.  It’s not just ensuring that our training, working environment and work practices are safe, its ensuring that every system that leaves our workshop has safety built into it to protect you the driver, and also anyone who is maintaining the car.

Electrogenic believes in safety through design. Each of our electric conversions has a host of safety features, including:

  • software to control all the vehicle processes to ensure smooth responses to the controls and avoid damaging the drivetrain or creating surprises for the driver
  • cell-level voltage and temperature battery management system control to ensure batteries are kept within safe parameters 
  • use of only high-quality, type-tested components, double-insulated HV cable, etc. 
  • ensuring power cabling is routed in a manner that is not vulnerable in the event of a crash 
  • battery box design and placement to emphasise physical integrity and seek to prevent connections to earth in the event of mechanical damage 
  • ‘automatic disconnect’ of the batteries if the car is in a collision; and 
  • a range of other strategies to ensure the HV stays where it should. 

Electrogenic also offers a free annual check for all of its bespoke conversions, to optimise battery life and to check for any maintenance work that needs doing to brakes and suspension.   

You can explore some of the detail behind this in the posts below. 

Safety: electronic vehicle management

One of the core values for Electrogenic is we build in safety from the ground up.  This is reflected in all our vehicle design.  At the core of an Electrogenic…

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