Why do we do it? 

Electrogenic was founded in 2018 so we have had plenty of time to think about exactly why we do this.  It’s an important thing to understand because it sets the tone for what happens in the company, how we deal with our customers and how we develop our technology.

We love cars:  The first reason annoys some observers, but it’s worth saying anyway:  electric motors are better.  They accelerate faster, they have immediate throttle response, they don’t break down, you can’t stall them offroad, etc., etc.  And we like to drive, so why wouldn’t we make the cars we love, electric?

We love technology:  We develop our own tech, because we love the cars, we want them to drive perfectly and so we need technology developed expressly for that purpose.  And we admit it, the technical challenge and the hunger for what is new is what gets us out of bed every morning.  EV is a brave new world and it’s exciting – and we will keep ensuring we bring you the best.

We love the environment:  Let’s face it, breathing in traffic fumes isn’t fun and poisons our children.  But for us it goes deeper than that and it informs the way we work and our design choices.  Our motors, for example, avoid the use of rare earth elements in their magnets, we manufacture in the UK wherever possible, and so on.  It’s about custodianship.

We are romantics:  We could develop drivetrain for airport trolleys, but we don’t – we develop drivetrains for classic cars.  At the end of the day we are romantics, we want to keep motoring beautiful, and we don’t want the quirky, glorious, much loved icons of yesteryear to fade from our streets.  We love the cars.

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