Electrogenic is inspired by a love of classic cars but at its beating heart, Electrogenic is a technology-led company.  We are constantly exploring and developing new solutions within the fast-evolving world of electric vehicle technology to ensure our tech is the leading edge. 

The key to this is having our own VCU software.  This means we can use any motor and any battery module, which means we can specify a drivetrain that exactly meets the customer’s requirements.  OEM EV drivetrains are not designed for retrofitting existing vehicles, however, so in addition to the VCU we also add other bespoke components, including BMS systems, instrument drivers for your dashboard, and crucially our own range of reduction gearboxes so we can perfectly optimise acceleration, top speed and the efficiency of your car. 

The basic electric car conversion process is to remove the vehicle engine and fuel tank, and to replace them with batteries and one or more electric motors.  It’s a lot more complicated than it sounds however, and the key is in the detailed design integration.   

  • We fit a range of motor systems with nominal operating voltages ranging from 110V to 392V (max 450V) 
  • We have a range of bespoke helical, ground reduction gearboxes, with a differential or without, so we can perfectly optimise performance 
  • We have access to a range of battery modules and technologies, directly from the manufacturers, so we can select for performance and fit enough energy storage into sometimes small spaces 
  • We have proprietary battery box construction systems and electrical architecture to ensure safe motoring and maintenance 
  • We support these with distributed battery management systems and charging systems – some OEM and some designed in-house 
  • The whole drivetrain is controlled by our own VCU software and interwoven through all of it are a series of stacked and redundant safety systems 
  • We have a range of proprietary dashboard options, from electronics that re-purpose the car’s existing gauges, to touch screens and virtual dashboards. 

Bringing it all together requires complex system design. This ensures all the components of the vehicle work safely in harmony, ensuring the design actually delivers what we promise, and that it does so at best value.  The aim is to stay at the forefront of what is economically possible, and to ensure that the driving experience for our customers is continually improving.  In this way, we renew our passion for classic vehicles through a passion for technology.  


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