Partner-Installer network

Electrogenic’s partner-installers install our “drop-in” conversion kits. They are all specialists in their own field and provide a range of restoration and other services in addition to conversion. They are carefully selected by Electrogenic and trained to both install the EV drivetrains and then maintain and service them. Please contact them direct, or ask us to put you in touch.


Retro Defenders

Retro Automotive Ltd is a lifestyle brand, specialising in the full restoration of classic Land Rover Defender & Series models. Their focus lies in building quality over quantity. With a small team of highly talented, dedicated individuals, they have a real eye for detail & are hugely passionate about these iconic vehicles.

Now rebuilding around 10 cars a year to the highest possible standard, their cars are delivered to clients around the world. Each vehicle is designed around their clients’ lifestyle, to their desired specifications, making each vehicle special & unique.

Greenwood Automotive

Greenwood Automotive is a Land Rover restoration specialist that builds and upgrades classic Land Rovers.  Team GA turn these iconic vehicles into desirable, state of the art machines.

Bespoke off-Road

Bespoke Off Road is a team of passionate craftsmen and mechanics who are driven by the vision of keeping your Land Rover on the road for a long, long time.  Bespoke Offroad likes to approach each enquiry as a journey leading towards satisfaction and they provide a one-stop-shop, from basic services and MOTS to personalising your vehicle, full galvanised chassis swaps and complete sympathetic series restorations.


KWE is an internationally renowned Jaguar and Aston Martin specialist.

As an engineering-based company, they have earned an excellent reputation for the quality of their work and in their ability to restore cars to ‘better than new’ standard. KWE provides a full range of services from servicing your vehicle to full restoration.



Based in Dallas, Xerbera Automotive is on a mission to take the iconic Land Rover Defender and re-engineer it to be a completely reborn and rebuilt vehicle for the 21st century. Their goal is to build the most thrilling and most enjoyable driving experience based on a classic Land Rover.

Every Xerbera Defender is born from a deep passion and a wealth of experience making the legendary Defender better than the original, when it rolled off the conveyor. Xerbera has dedicated themselves to a single exceptional vehicle – the Defender. They understand its DNA – what makes it great and where its weaknesses lie. Staying true to the original design, yet with a touch of modern upgrades, Xerbera simply allows the reborn Defender to show off more of its potential and attitude.

Xerbera offers the full range of Electrogenic kit installations.

Whittam Engineering

Whittam Engineering was founded on the restoration and electric conversion of Land Rover Series, but has now expanded to focus on the installation of the whole range of Electrogenic kits.  Based in New Jersey, Andrew Whittam has over 44 years of high tech engineering experience and a lifetime of passion for vintage car and motorcycle restoration. 

Andrew began his career in Britain as an aircraft engineer, then became a pilot/engineer in Saudi Arabia, Papua New Guinea, Australia and the Seychelles. He finished flying in 2021 as a 777 Captain for British Airways.  Now he’s gone full circle – back inside of an engine… or an electric motor!


InoKinetic Group has been developing performance parts, servicing and building street and race cars since 2004.  Their staff are car enthusiasts who put quality service and excellent communications at the forefront.  They are located in Southern California within a fantastic network of related suppliers and partners who share our ideal for high quality.  InoKinetic offers the full range of Electrogenic kit installations.

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