What we do

At Electrogenic we help our customers to create the EV of their dreams.  We do this by developing new EV technology and engineering complete EV systems to enable our customers to realise their own vision.   

We established our name by creating EV technology to extend the life of beautiful, historic cars and make them fit for the modern world.  We also now deliver EV technology solutions to car manufacturers and for Defence. 

How do we deliver our technology?

  • We carry out bespoke conversions of classic cars to all-electric drive at our headquarters in Kidlington, just outside Oxford in the UK.  This is where we apply our technology, craftsmanship and our love of beautiful cars.  We create clean, green, classic vehicles with all the benefits of the 21st Century.  And we put a smile on your face that is hard to wipe off. 
  • We deliver sophisticated drop-in “kits” to specialist partner-installers around the world.  Our partners use their expertise to restore and re-create beautiful classic cars, which then become powered by Electrogenic
  • We develop drivetrains and related technology for car manufacturers and then integrate our technology into their production processes.  This service is delivered in a range of formats, from simply providing a design and VCU software license, to manufacturing complete drivetrain “kits” for installation on the customer’s production line. 
  • We develop specialist electric drivetrains for Defence applications

Why are we different?  Our customers tell us it is because: 

  • we have our own technology;
  • we have a strong environmental focus; and
  • we care about the cars.

Our aim is to remain at all times an innovative, technology-led company at the forefront of the EV revolution – and to create more joy in a homogenised world. 

Electrogenic: create the EV of your dreams 


/e,lektrō jenik/
adjective PASSION
electrifying beauty: bringing technology to passion

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