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Computer render of Electrogenic's EV drivetrain

Electrogenic’s reputation for technical excellence means that not only do we create EV drivetrains for our bespoke customers and our partner-installers, we also design and manufacture EV drivetrains for car manufacturers.

Whereas in the past, a small or medium-sized car manufacturer may have simply bought an engine from a large manufacturer and fitted it in their vehicle, an EV drivetrain needs to be designed specifically for the car it is going into and the necessary skills are hard to find. The choices are to hire in expertise and start from scratch – a long and expensive process; appoint consultants, who with the best will in the world don’t have the practical experience; or hire us. Electrogenic has six years of developing EV drivetrain solutions, fitting them in cars, gathering the data and feeding back for continual improvement.

We enjoy the work too. There is a freedom in designing a drivetrain for a car whose physical and dynamic characteristics are not yet set in stone, and modern cars have additional challenges. Work to date has seen us develop compact electric aircon systems, body control modules to integrate security systems, door locking and push-button starts, touch-screens and all sorts of other goodies. One aspect of our expertise that holds particular resonance with manufacturers of small cars is our “low voltage” technology (sub 300V) – so much more flexible for battery sizing and compelling economics. Unfortunately it’s a long way between drawing board and production, so we can’t tell you about these customers yet, but we will when we can.

How we work depends on the customer. Examples include receiving a rolling chassis and delivering back a fully operational prototype, followed by design for production and then producing a fully integrated drivetrain “kit” for installation on the customer’s vehicle production line. Another example is carrying out the design and prototyping, and then simply providing the design and supply-chain to the customer, and licensing them the VCU software that makes the car perform.

If you are looking for drivetrain development from an expert team that can literally put you in the driving seat, then get in contact, come and drive some examples of our work and talk to us about your plans.

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