Frequently Asked Questions

How much does an Electrogenic R-EV cost?

How long is a piece of string? The key elements are as follows:

  • the cost of sourcing the classic car you want – or maybe you have it already – and the cost of bringing it up to scratch.  Many beautiful classics are surprisingly inexpensive.
  • the cost of upgrades – new brakes, uprated suspension, power steering? We can advise.
  • the cost of conversion – this depends on performance and range. More performance means more motors; more range means more batteries.

Overall, the conversion is likely cheaper than you expect…and the biggest money-saver is starting with a rust-free vehicle. Call us to find out more.

What classics are best suited to conversion?

It’s all about the range between charges.  Heavier vehicles go fewer miles between charges, but there has to be enough space for batteries.  A classic mini, for example, is light but has little room for batteries, so we can give it stunning performance and a range of just over 100 miles.  A Rolls Royce Silver Shadow is heavy, but has lots of space for batteries.  And it depends how you intend to use your Retro-EV.  The average journey for any car in the UK is under 30 miles, so most people’s daily commute, school run, shopping trip is easily accomplished by even the smallest battery pack.

Have a good think about how you intend to use your R-EV, and then talk to us.

Will my classic car lose something when it is converted?

Only its engine and fuel tank!  Plus the noise, oil and unreliability.

In the vast majority of conversions, we don’t cut any of the bodywork, so the conversion is reversible… but once you have driven your new R-EV, you will never want to go back.  Most electric conversions involve a significant increase in power, and all include a big increase in torque.  Bertie the Beetle for example has increased his power from 27kW to over 80kW – a threefold increase.  So now Bertie can mix in modern traffic on his own terms, and every time we drive him, our smiles get even wider.

How much does an Electrogenic R-EV cost to own?

Almost nothing!  The big savings are:

  • no depreciation – you are stepping into a classic car that will retain its value, not a new vehicle that will lose 20% of its value when you drive it off the forecourt and then date far too quickly
  • no road tax or MOT (it’s a classic!) – though you should have an annual check for your own peace of mind
  • no engine maintenance – just the usual brakes and suspension checks
  • no escalating fuel costs – your new motor is more than 95% efficient and is not fuelled by a diminishing resource

How green is my Electrogenic R-EV?

An Electrogenic R-EV is the greenest form of motoring that it’s possible for you to own.  The vehicle itself is recycled.  In fact, with the average life of a car in the UK at under 10 years, it may have avoided the manufacture of five new cars already – and this is even more true if now you will be using it every day.

For the electricity you use to charge it – well it depends on where you buy it from – but all of it is greener than the fossil fuel alternative.

What about charging?

If you are new to EVs, charging infrastructure can be confusing.  Electrogenic’s after-sales service can help you with this.  

For every-day trips however, it’s very simple – plug your Electrogenic Retro-EV in at home, to charge overnight like your phone.  Our charge partner Joju can sort you out, and as a solar specialist too, they can even help you charge your Electrogenic from your own solar panels.

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