Jaguar E-Type Conversion Kit

Electric E-Type Conversion Kit Specification

E-Type Conversion KitsE43E48sE62
Torque (at the prop shaft)620Nm840Nm620Nm
Top Speed100 mph+100 mph+100 mph+
0-60 mph<6 seconds<5 secondscirca 6 seconds
Range150 miles160 miles200+ miles
Charging6.6kW + CCS6.6kW + CCS6.6kW + CCS
electric E-Type with bonnet up showing the electric conversion kit

Converting a Jaguar E-Type to electric drive makes this British icon something really special.  The conversion dispenses with the (startlingly loud) gearbox to enable more batteries to fit in what is a surprisingly small chassis, so the EV conversion drives like an ultra-smooth “automatic”.  Like all our electric conversion kits, the installation is fully reversible; the battery box bolts neatly into the existing chassis bolt points and the motor/reduction gear assembly onto the gearbox hanger. 

Batteries and range

Batteries fit under the bonnet and snugly against the rear axle where the fuel tank and spare wheel were.  The 200+ mile range of the E62 model is achieved by adding a row of batteries in the load space immediately behind the back seat: adding more batteries in the rear would upset the dynamic balance of the car. 

Charging and drive modes

All kits have CCS charging and a fast cabin heater.  The control system supports different drive modes (e.g. sport, eco and town). 

An electric Jaguar E Type, powered by Electrogenic, is a delight to drive.  The E62 clocks in at almost exactly the curb weight of the original car, and the E43 and E48s are even lighter and more nimble than when they left the production line in Coventry.

Kit Details

E43 E-Type Jaguar

  • 43kWh battery pack giving real-world range of 150 miles
  • CCS rapid charging
  • 120kW motor delivering 620Nm to the prop shaft
  • 0-60mph in under 6 seconds

The E43 E-Type Jaguar is smooth, light and nimble, and corners like a dream.

E48s E-Type Jaguar

  • 48kWh battery pack giving real-world range of 160 miles
  • CCS rapid charging
  • 150kW motor delivering 840Nm to the prop shaft
  • 0-60mph in under 5 seconds

The E48s E-Type Jaguar is our sports model.   It is lighter than the original but blessed with more immediately available torque and no need to change gear.

E62 E-Type Jaguar

  • 62kWh battery pack giving real-world range of 200 miles
  • CCS rapid charging
  • 120kW motor delivering 620Nm to the prop shaft
  • 0-60mph in circa 6 seconds

A bigger battery pack for more range and the higher power motor to match.  The larger battery pack requires the use of some cabin space – a row 400mm deep immediately behind the driver and passenger seats.  There is still a huge load-space remaining and the right interior trim makes it disappear. This kit is not suitable for all vehicles, please call us to discuss.

electric Jaguar E-Type charging

How to install our kits

Electrogenic electric conversion kits are designed to be fitted by a trained specialist with as little fuss as possible.  We supply them to partner businesses around the world and our network is growing fast. A limited number of kits will be installed at our workshop in Kidlington. If you are interested in having one of our kits fitted to your vehicle or if you are interested in fitting them, please contact us.

Electric E-Type Jaguar conversion kit

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