Porsche 911 Conversion Kit

Electric 911 Conversion Kit Specification

Electrogenic currently supplies bolt-in kits for the G-body and 964 Porsche 911 variants. 

Torque3,200 Nm at the wheels3,900 Nm at the wheels
0-60mph<5 seconds3.8 seconds
Battery62 kWh62 kWh
Range180-200 miles180-200 miles
Charging6.6kW + CCS6.6kW + CCS
ModelsG-body, 964G-body, 964

The electric Porsche 911 conversion kits are a perfect meld of motor and machine.  The weight of the motor and batteries sits low in the car, the front has extra traction and the instant torque shows the car at its best.

Electrogenic makes two conversion kits: the standard model and the sports model.  Both have the same batteries and architecture, but the sports model has a bigger motor packing more of a punch: 0-60mph in a measured 3.8 seconds. 

The motor, inverter, charger, cooling system and rear battery box are mounted on a subframe that bolts directly into the rear of the car.  The kit comes with custom spilt drive shafts to facilitate installation and maintenance.  The control system supports different drive modes (e.g. sport, eco and town). 

An electric Porsche 911, powered by Electrogenic, is something to be experienced.

Kit Details

E62 Porsche 911

  • 62kWh battery pack giving real-world range of 180-200 miles (it depends on how you drive!)
  • CCS rapid charging
  • 160kW motor delivering 3,200Nm to the wheels
  • 0-60mph in under 5 seconds

This standard conversion is no slouch and does not require the rest of the vehicle to be uprated.

E62s Porsche 911

  • 62kWh battery pack giving real-world range of 180-200 miles (it depends on how you drive!)
  • CCS rapid charging
  • 240kW motor delivering 3,900Nm to the wheels
  • 0-60mph in 3.8 seconds

Putting this amount of power and torque onto the road requires some careful thinking about suspension geometry and setup, but if you want to push your 911 to its limits, then this is the one for you!

How to install our kits

Electrogenic conversion kits are designed to be fitted by a trained specialist with as little fuss as possible.  We supply them to partner businesses around the world and our network is growing fast. A limited number of kits will be installed at our workshop in Kidlington. If you are interested in having one of our kits fitted to your vehicle or if you are interested in fitting them, please contact us.

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