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Safety is at the core of everything that Electrogenic does.  It’s not just ensuring that our training, working environment and work practices are safe, its ensuring that every R-EV that leaves our workshop has safety built into it to protect you the driver.

Electrogenic believes in safety through design. Each of our vehicles has a host of safety features, including:

+ software to control all the vehicle processes to ensure smooth responses to the controls and avoid damaging the drivetrain or creating surprises for the driver
+ ensuring water & moisture is kept away from the power electrics
+ ensuring power cabling is routed in a manner that is not vulnerable in the event of a crash
+ ‘automatic disconnect’ of the batteries if the car is in a collision

We also only use high quality, type-tested components in our vehicles.

Electrogenic also offers a free annual check for all Electrogenic R-EVs, to optimise battery life and to check for any maintenance work that needs doing to brakes and suspension.