Safety: electronic vehicle management

One of the core values for Electrogenic is we build in safety from the ground up.  This is reflected in all our vehicle design.  At the core of an Electrogenic R-EV are the motor, battery and charger systems, and at the core of these is “safety first”.

One aspect of R-EV conversions is that the different components – motors, batteries, chargers – are built by different manufacturers and are not designed to integrate with each other.  This means that they can’t talk effectively to each other and if you simply install them in the car, then if they don’t like a given operational state the only thing they can says is “no”, and shut down.

Electrogenic therefore installs its own proprietary vehicle management system (“VMS”) to tie all the main EV components together.  The benefits of this are:

  1. it enables more subtle decision making than just “shut down”, and
  2. there is early warning if an issue arises.

This means it is safer.

The philosophy underlying the Electrogenic R-EVMS is as follows:

There are three levels to monitoring the cells through the Electrogenic battery management system (“BMS”).  The BMS then talks to the charger and the motor controller 50 times a second to check everything is still in the “sweet spot”.  If something is drifting, it then nudges it back if it can.  If it can’t – e.g. because you have used up most of your battery charge, it can take action – e.g. notify you and put you into “get me home” mode.  If the situation is beyond recovery, it pulls the communication cord.  This acts through the contactor box to shut off the necessary parts of the system to ensure everything is safe.

So the Electrogenic R-EVMS ensures that everything runs extra sweetly… and if not, you and your car are safe. Why did we develop it?  Because off-the-shelf systems don’t have the subtlety, and it gives us a platform to be able to better respond to customer requests.  Want to switch the kettle on when you’re 5 minutes from home…?