Hudson Commodore

We didn’t mean to buy the Commodore – honest!  We went to see a (rather lovely) Citroen DS, and the Commodore was peeking out from behind.  We really wanted the DS (a DS would make a fantastic conversion – think Jetsons spaceship), but the Hudson is so unique.  And she’s beautiful.  Look inside and you will see something astonishing – right hand drive!  To reach us she travelled all the way from Singapore, where she spent half a Century driving diplomats to the Raffles Hotel for pink gins in the afternoon (we’re dreaming now) and then she made her way across the globe to the UK.She is in an amazing condition for such and old girl, and she’s a keeper.  So we are going to take our time over the restoration and make her glorious again.

Before we got our hands on her

MAKE: Hudson
MODEL: Commodore 6A
YEAR: 1951
COLOUR: Pearl White
ENGINE: 4,288cc
POWER: 92 Kw
TORQUE: 264Nm @ 1,600rpm
0-60: 17 USA seconds
TOP SPEED: 80mph (with a good tail wind)
FUEL: Petrol Cost Per Mile 34p / Per Month £200
CO2: 0.62kg per mile / 4.4 tonnes per annum*

After electrification

POWER: 160 Kw
TORQUE: 470Nm @ 0rpm
0-60: TBC
TOP SPEED: 100mph
FUEL: Green Energy Cost Per Mile 4p / Per Month £24
CO2: 0kg per mile / 0 tonnes per annum*

*for UK average annual milage of 7,134 miles