The Marmite Bus

You either love or hate the Marmite Bus…. what more is there to be said?  The Marmite bus is Electrogenic’s workhorse and can be seen around Oxfordshire delivering and fetching and flying the Electrogenic flag.The fun in the Marmite bus was in creating the “rat-look”.  She was originally green (and perhaps a little staid), so… remove paint, apply salt water, et voila!  She was then very carefully and thoroughly washed, dried and the lacquered multiple times to ensure that the oxidation has been stopped in its tracks.  And then to complete the theme: the delightful yellow windows, some severe aluminium bucket seats and a bottle of Jack Daniels…

Before we got our hands on it

MAKE: Volkswagen
YEAR: 1964
COLOUR: Bottle Green
ENGINE: 1493cc
POWER: 38 Kw
TORQUE: 95Nm @ 2,400rpm
0-60: 23 spluttery seconds
TOP SPEED: 60mph
FUEL: Petrol Cost Per Mile 25p / Per Month £147
CO2: 0.46kg per mile / 3.25 tonnes per annum*

After electrification

POWER: 80 Kw
TORQUE: 235Nm @ 0rpm
0-60: 12 seconds
TOP SPEED: 80mph
FUEL: Green Energy Cost Per Mile 3.8p / Per Month £23
CO2: 0kg per mile / 0 tonnes per annum*

*for UK average annual milage of 7,134 miles