Electrogenic is driven by a love of classic cars but the beating heart is a technology-led company.  We are constantly exploring and scouring the fast-evolving world of electric vehicle technology to ensure our customers tech is leading edge.

The basic electric car conversion process is to remove the vehicle engine and fuel tank, and to replace with batteries and one or more electric motors.  It’s a lot more complicated than it sounds however, and the key is in the design and specification of each Electrogenic R-EV.

Bringing this all together requires complex system design. This ensures all the components of the vehicle work safely in harmony, ensuring the design actually delivers what we promise, and that it does so at best value to you, our customer.

We standardise on a carefully selected range of hardware so that the software can evolved to benefit all our customers. To manage this, we have a technology path mapped out at least a year in advance to make sure we know where we are going and can advise customers accordingly.

We have some really exciting upgrades in the pipeline for motors, gearboxes and batteries…and the range of additional features is always expanding too.  

The aim is to stay at the forefront of what is economically possible, and to ensure that the driving experience for our customers is continually improving.  In this way, we renew our passion for classic vehicles though a passion for technology. 


So it’s easy: just pull out the engine and the fuel tank, pop in an electric motor and some batteries, and hey presto – a retro EV!  Ah yes… but…

Charging times

Charging is one of Electrogenic’s specialisms, and we sell our charge systems to other conversion companies because the commercially available ones are not as good.  It’s a complex area though…

Choosing a motor

Choosing a motor is the heart of an electric car conversion, and it has far-reaching consequences, but the first thing to say is that you can’t choose a motor in…